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Operating hours, downtime, accidents, pending maintenance and much more: Linde connect, the modular fleet management system, keeps all vehicle data constantly in view and makes material flows safe and efficient. Linde’s comprehensive software solution is now available for the whole fleet. It is not only possible to equip all Linde vehicles with Linde connect, but industrial trucks from third-party suppliers can also be integrated into the system.

The system records and analyzes all the relevant data collected by high-tech sensors in forklift trucks and other warehouse equipment. The individual function modules of the Linde connect system can be combined to form a customized overall system optimally tailored to the specific conditions in any application situation. The functions of connect: are organized in three different areas: access control (connect:ac), vehicle data (connect:dt) and usage analysis (connect:an). Each segment contains several components that can be adapted to customers’ needs.

For example, users can set up an effective access control system that employees use to log in at the vehicle with their RFID chip or PIN before driving off. This means it is always possible to find out which driver was using a specific vehicle at a specific time. It is also possible to specify where individual vehicles are allowed to go and at what speed.

All data in one place

The central element of the system is the connect:desk software, which collects, sorts, analyzes and monitors all vehicle data. When the function modules have been set up accordingly, users can access over 25 interactive reports on their fleet. These include real-time availability diagrams, detailed utilization information and forecasts on expected hours of operation. It becomes easy to identify unused potential, avoid idle times and optimize vehicle utilization.

Functions like the shock report can increase operational safety. This report makes it possible to determine precisely when and where vehicles underwent an impact – for example, as a result of a collision or driving through a pothole.

Maximum flexibility

When it comes to data transmission, Linde connect offers maximum flexibility: data can be transmitted not only via GPRS (SIM card), but also via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, and these different transmission channels can be mixed within the fleet. For example, if there is no Wi-Fi in the outdoor area of a site, the vehicle data can be simply sent using the SIM card.

Normally, connect:desk is installed on a desktop computer or laptop. The data remains in the company IT network and customers retain full control of their data. In addition to this, Linde can offer a browser-based version and host the software on an external server. This enables firms with limited IT resources to enjoy all the benefits of modern fleet management.

Franziska Klein

Franziska Klein

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