Mehr Tempo im Lager dank der Linde Truck Call App. Bild: Linde

An unexpected delivery arrives at the warehouse. Things get hectic. The shift supervisor has to find a forklift truck
driver and allocate the job.

Valuable time passes before the driver reports the transport has been completed.

There are more efficient ways of getting this done: The Linde Truck Call app simplifies the allocation of transport jobs in the fleet and considerably shortens the line of communication between shift supervisors and drivers.

Efficiency at the push of a button

Whether it’s an unplanned delivery or a normal job, the Linde Truck Call app means shift supervisors no longer have to give drivers instructions face-to-face. They simply enter the transport job into the system using their smartphone or tablet computer.

The job can also be made more specific by adding photos, documents and comments. The app contacts all available drivers. If one has capacity, he accepts the job on the smartphone.

When the transport has been completed, the shift supervisor immediately receives confirmation from the driver.

The Truck Call App is already convincing in the field. How smaller logistics fleets can also benefit from digital solutions is shown by the example of the Reitz Group. Learn more right here.

Shift supervisors organize logistics tasks easily and quickly with the Linde Truck Call App.

  • Shorter line of communication between shift supervisor and drivers
  • Fewer empty runs
  • Optimum fleet utilization
  • Simple creation and editing of jobs, also when not on-site
  • Prioritization of jobs
  • Attachment of photos and documents possible
  • Precise allocation of job to suitable vehicles
  • Suitable for many vehicle types (forklifts, pickers, small trucks)
  • Clear overview of all pending, ongoingand completed jobs

Setting up Jobs

Shift supervisors can set up a new job in a few simple steps. This involves entering the location and destination of the goods and defining the priority of the job. Supervisors can choose between three time frames for job completion: Now, 30 Minutes and 60Minutes. They can also attach photos, documents and comments with important details.


Pending Jobs

The Linde Truck Call app shows shift supervisors all pending, ongoing and completed transport jobs at a glance. On their smartphone they receive an overview of which driver is currently working on which order – even if they are somewhere else in the warehouse.

Allocating Jobs

The app always sends the detailsof new jobs to all drivers.Drivers can either immediately accept or decline jobs. As soon as one of them accepts,the job is no longer visible to other drivers.

Completed Jobs

Once the driver has carried out the job he confirms completion of the transport using the app. The shift supervisor immediately receives confirmation that the job has been successfully completed and that the driver is available again.
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