The electronic damage monitor

connect:dt crash detection notifies you of collisions and major shocks incurred by the vehicle. The cause of damage or the person behind the damage can be determined.

Was there an accident? Is there somewhere in the company grounds that’s uneven? Is a driver not driving cautiously enough? With connect:dt crash detection, the time and magnitude of major shocks that may result in damage to a vehicle are logged.

Crash detection for forklift trucks

The Benefits at a glance:

  • Identification of dangerous spots or damaged surfaces in the company grounds
  • Identification of the driver in the case of intentional misuse or rough driving
  • Reduction of damage caused by inappropriate treatment
  • Reduction in the cost of repairs
  • Early detection of vehicle damage
  • Automatic speed throttling can be set for the driver
  • Individually adjustable recording threshold
  • Identification of the driver in the case of an accident or damage to a building
  • Drivers are more aware of how they use vehicles
  • Greater safety in the company grounds
  • Also available as a retrofit solution


The digital driver’s logbook

With connect:dt operating hours, you document your vehicles’ hours in service. At all times, you know how long your forklifts or warehouse equipment have been in use.

Is a vehicle rarely used? Is a vehicle at risk of exceeding the hours in service as agreed with the leasing partner? With connect:dt operating hours, your vehicles’ hours in service are regularly recorded – giving you an overview of how your fleet is used at all times.

forklift service optimization with connect:

The benefits at a glance:

  • Hours in service are automatically logged and transmitted
  • Individually adjustable reading interval
  • No workload caused by manually logging hours in service
  • No operational disruptions
  • Greater transparency
  • Improved usage planning and optimized fleet capacity utilization
  • Maintenance intervals are easier to plan
  • Unnecessary vehicle outages are avoided
  • Early identification of bottlenecks
  • Warning if a number of hours in service is exceeded
  • Reduced overuse of vehicles
  • Reports available for individual vehicles
  • Data transfer via cell phone network, no additional infrastructure needed
  • Also available as a retrofit solution


The automated error code transmitter

connect:dt trouble codes notifies you of vehicle errors before more serious damage can occur.

Does a wearing part need to be replaced? Does a vehicle need to be taken out of service to avoid more severe damage? With connect:dt trouble codes, you are provided with qualified information regarding vehicle errors – including errors that do not immediately limit the vehicle’s functionality or performance.

Trouble code of forklifts

The benefits at a glance:

  • Early detection of malfunctions or damage
  • Makes preventative maintenance possible
  • Reduced vehicle outages
  • Improved vehicle availability
  • Optimized service processes with shorter repair times
  • Transparency regarding the sources of errors
  • Automatic notification of the service organization is possible
  • Automatic e-mail reports
  • Also available as a retrofit solution


Ferdinand Bardens

Ferdinand Bardens

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Boris Schröder

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