The electronic key

With connect:ac access control, you can control access to your fleet.You always know who drove what vehicle and when.

You always know who is behind the wheel of which vehicle because the drivers have to identify themselves by means of a PIN or using an RFID chip. With connect:ac access control, you make using your fleet safer and more transparent.

Access control for forklift trucks

Driver data for forklift trucks


The benefits at a glance:

  •   Unauthorized use of vehicles no longer possible
  •   Access can be controlled based on the person, a period of validity, driving permission, and the vehicle
  •   Evidence of vehicle usage available anytime
  •   Driver-specific vehicle settings e.g. speed throttler
  •   Loss of keys no longer possible
  •   Drivers are more aware of how they use vehicles
  •   Contactless identification by means of an RFID transponder or PIN entry via a numeric keypad
  •   Also available as a retrofit solution



The electronic Pre-Shift Check

With connect:ac pre-operational check simplifies pre-shift checks for your vehicles before each assignment.

The electronic checklist ensures that a vehicle can only start work when a check has been carried out and the vehicle is fully operational.


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The benefits at a glance:

  • Greater safety in the company grounds, driver can only start the forklift truck after the check has been successfully completed
  • Simplified Pre-Shift Check via App with immediate added value
  • Regular monitoring of vehicle status
  • Reducing paper consumption by digital results
  • Automatical realtime email-reports
  • Photographic documentation of vehicle damage
  • Fleet manager can define checklist questions at any time with the connect:ac pre-op check checklist configurator
  • All questions and answers are recorded for future analysis
  • App for all mobile Android devices with NFC technology
  • Also available as a retrofit solution
Ferdinand Bardens

Ferdinand Bardens

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Boris Schröder

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