The connect: product family offers numerous fleet management functions.

The right set-up for each specific requirement: the modular connect: product family covers all the hardware and software solutions from Linde Connected Solutions.

These include various components for recording and transferring data on the forklift truck, functional modules such as access control or recording of operating hours, and software programs allowing users to access, manage, and analyse data. The information recorded on the forklift truck is stored in a local database or the central Linde Cloud, where it is available for further processing.


Bluetooth retrofit / connect:access units (PIN or RFID) / connect:data unit

GPRS, Bluetooth, WiFi – the connect: hardware components link up forklift trucks and databases to the latest communication technology, gather and transfer control and sensor data and make this available for further processing, or act as an electronic ignition switch with PIN or RFID identification.


connect:ac / connect:dt / connect:an / connect:tr

Depending on what is required in terms of fleet management, the connect: function modules are combined to form an individual system. Access control, truck and usage data, localisation – these are the four functions associated with the connect: family.


connect:desk / connect:composer / connect:portal

At the heart of the connect: product family is the administration and analysis software known as connect:desk, which runs at the fleet operator’s premises via a local database. Individual truck data can also be accessed online via connect:portal. Reports can be drafted and data can be exported from there.


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