Linde Connected Solutions: Modern fleet management


The recording, processing, and analysis of truck and user data are key to the efficient use of forklift trucks in production facilities or warehouses. Thanks to the modular architecture of the connect: product family, Linde Connected Solutions is able to provide fleet operators with exactly the information they require for their tasks – regardless of site or fleet size and whether new or existing forklift trucks or even items of equipment from other manufacturers are part of the fleet.

Transparent data regarding drivers and use, safer internal transport, higher forklift truck availability through improved service, and greater cost-effectiveness thanks to efficient use of forklift trucks – Linde Connected Solutions really makes the most of a fleet’s potential.



  • Rule out unauthorised use of forklift trucks
  • Limit wilful incorrect operation and bad driver behaviour
  • Identify and eliminate risks associated with transport
  • Automatic speed adjustment in defined zones
  • Identify operating restrictions on the forklift truck
  • Increase feelings of responsibility and accountability



Service optimisation

  • Reduce physical damage
  • Observe maintenance intervals
  • Avoid overloading individual forklift trucks
  • Minimise loss of keys
  • Identify forklift truck damage at an early stage




  • Clear assignment of drivers and forklift trucks
  • Administration of driving permits, training, and health checks
  • Representation of the organisational structure in terms of fleet management
  • Detailed use and consumption data for each forklift truck
  • Individually configurable and meaningful reports




  • Identify overloaded forklift trucks and those with spare capacity
  • Identify forklift trucks prone to faults
  • Improve logistics processes
  • Increase the availability of forklift trucks
  • Identify and deal with bottlenecks in good time
  • Identify and reduce or avoid overcapacity



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