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Linde Connected Solutions facilitates the efficient use of your forklift trucks and warehouse technology to increase safety, transparency and productivity and improve service in the field of production and storage logistics. Find out more about the advantages for you and your fleet.


The connect: product family consists of software, various functions and transmission technologies that can be tailored into individual packages to meet the needs of your fleet. Find out about the different possibilities connect: offers here.


Connected Solutions experts will not only help you plan and implement connect:, but also maintain its ongoing operation. Find the appropriate contact to meet your specific needs.


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News & Updates

Forklift checks via app

Juli 2016. Every industrial truck must be checked for proper operation prior to use. Available immediately, the “pre-op check” app from Linde Material Handling allows this mandatory inspection of the vehicle to be carried out very conveniently using mobile devices such as smartphones or tablet computers.

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Why analogue machines will eventually only be found in museums

May 2016. The future belongs to machines that are networked together and can communicate with humans and IT systems in real time through the cloud. This amounts to nothing less than a revolutionary transformation of the entire supply chain. Linde is playing a leading role in this change with a variety of different solutions.

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The connect:portal ensures you can always access vehicle data, such as error codes and hours of operation, with the aid of an Internet-capable device. Are you already using connect:? You can reach the connect:portal here. continue


The pre-op check connect: app is here! Download the app and simplify pre-shift checks for your vehicles. The electronic checklist ensures that a truck can only start when the check has been carried out and the vehicle is fully operational.
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Connected Solutions presents: The connect: familiy

Monitoring of forklift tracks

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Forklift service optimization

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Trouble code of forklifts

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